NAME:isabel a.k.a bel
SCH:paya lebar methodist gers sch
WEIGHT:sshHHHh.. secret =x
BDAY:21st May.. auto abit horz =X.. hehe
FAV.MUSIC:band music lyk persis..ross roy etc etc.. chi song.. chun zai etc.. eng song.. if U come to me..etc..techno.. let the dream come true.. yupx.. but mostly is band music..
HOBBIES:hang out wif frens.. play clarinet.. go irc find frens and tok and dl music.. tok on phone.. but seldom now.. slp at home whole day.. play gunbound..look for food to eat.. play comeputer whole day.. watch TV shows.. loves to tok craps
>ALL ON MY HAIR:abit red in colour.. colour gg to fade soon ba.. kkz.. shoulder length.. growing it long.. it takes tym..
FAMILY:father,younger sister and brother.. and all others.. no mother de.. =X dun ask y.. dun haf means dun haf.. lolx..
FAV HANGOUT:bugis..orchard hereen.. far east.. and along e road.. lolx.. go forum toy R rus go play toy toy..=X i haven grow up mahz..

"Money and power only last the hour, but friendship and love withstand the sky above."


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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

errr.... i my blog move house le.. so next tym wanna see... go to tis link below ok?

Posted at 17.3.04 by beLipARadIse
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Saturday, February 07, 2004
mr tan.. rox..

wEeeEe.. i m finally back again le.. muahahaha.. its been a long tym since i come to blog.. kkz.. today gt band.. but was on mc.. coz 2 days ago gt fever and flu and cough.. lolx.. but i feeling much more beter liao.. hMm.. band was sec 1s today.. took only a few photos.. was oso rather angry la.. kana temporaily put into 3rd clarinet.. not really sure of e notes and stuffs lyk tt.. but overall was alright ba.. hMm.. kkz.. sec 1s was damn quiet man.. too shy i tink.. lolx.. anyway.. went for VS concert today.. omg.. PERSIS~~~~  my fav. songs of all band songs.. lolx.. they played well i can say.. and VS alumni.. wah seh.. pro sia.. but.. haixXx.. they only played one song.. "cant take my eyes off u"... lolx.. all i can say is.. pro.. power.. wahahah.. hMmmm.. heard alot of nice songs.. lolx.. now downloading it.. then oso saw sir.. lolx.. took a pic of him wif my hp.. wTf.. i dun haf e cable to put it into e com.. haixXx.. so i shall juz save it into my hp for e tym being.. lolx.. was having lots of fun there too.. lolx.. was lyk so-called disturbing sir wif tt big ballon.. lolx.. and jiamia hair comparing to VS boys.. lolx.. then aft tt.. went wif pauline and jolene and charlene and pearlyn and vivian to coffe bean for drinks.. sat there and tok non-stop.. was juz crapping along.. wTh.. i had 2 tyms of coffe bean today man.. cfm gg to grow fat soon.. aftnoon was jason's treat.. wah~~ so nice yea.. lolx.. coz he had to go back camp for him duties or wadever la.. lolx.. so juz pass him a cd and go for a drink and off i went to VCH le loh.. lolx.. band today was alright.. gt at least abit of improvement in playing yea.. taught liyun to play.. was oso rather pissed off too.. lolx.. but she learn rather fast loh.. no matter wad.. juz wish tt we will b able to haf a concert tis yr.. i dun wanna b disappointed aft long trainings tt band has haf.. hMm.. and i promise.. i will nv wanna b late again.. =X if i can promise tt.. haha.. u pple who dun believe de.. buy mi yummy food to eat.. lolx.. jkjk.. kkz.. tink tts all abt it.. gtg now.. tata..
P.S Mr Tan Beng Wee our Sir Rox.. weEeeeeetz u wEeeeEtz.. :)

Posted at 7.2.04 by beLipARadIse
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Sunday, January 25, 2004
days during CNY..

wOotz.. e eAst wInd bOught mI bAck hEre aGAin.. lOLx.. hAven bEen oNline fOr a loNg tYm liAo.. CNY mAn.. yUpx.. 2nd dAys nTh mUch hApPen.. jUx wEnt gRandmA hSE anDsIt wHole dAy tTs aLl.. 3rd dAy aS uSuAl.. wEnt grAndMA hSe.. tHEn afT tT rAIn sO hEavy lOh.. hAve bEen raIning heAvUly fOr tHose 2 dAYs bAck.. lOlx.. hMm.. yTD oSo wEnt bIg aUntiE hsE tO bIan nIAn.. wAtch lOrd oF tHE rIngs.. loLX.. nIce niCe.. hEhe.. tOday wAs gReat fUn mAn.. wAs nOt rEallY rAIning.. tHen wEnt tO tT mAriNA tHEre lOh.. gO tHere pLAy aND eAt.. hAha.. aTE e lAskA tHEre.. nOt bAd lEz.. muZ tRy iT oUt.. hAhA.. hMm.. tHen plAyed sOMe gAmes wif mY bro aND sIS.. hAd sO mUch fUn sIA.. lOLx.. tOok alOt oF phOtos.. tHose dAys bAck... hEhe.. cAnt waiT fOr iT tO deveLOPE.. lOlz.. hMm.. dIdnt haF pRoper mEal tis fEws dAys tOo.. alWAys slP so lAte aNd wake uP so lAte oSo.. tOo tIred lIAo lE.. hMm.. tInks ttS abt iT.. gTg tO gO dO mY last mINutE hW lIAo lE.. iF noT tML cOnfirM kANa tIO cUo sIA.. lOlx. taTA.. *muaCkies* =P

Posted at 25.1.04 by beLipARadIse
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Friday, January 23, 2004
1st day of chi ney yr..

yeah.. first day of chinese new yr today worz.. lolx.. sry came in so late to update.. as usual.. was playong gunbound.. lolx..  hmm.. today went to grandma hse.. wah.. so fun loh.. saw 4th aunt bf... not a bad guy ba.. lyks to play wif small children.. lucky i m nt one le.. lolx.. still treat us eat KFC lez.. hehe.. okok.. went to temple to pray..but i juz go there for fun.. leg damn pain sia.. gt blister loh.. toopid boots la.. hehe.. yupx.. then went back to grandma hse again for dinner.. juz now alot of pple can.. so fun loh.. play wif all e small small children.. then last tym saw all mu cousins all baby baby de.. now all grow up liao le.. hehe.. then still come auto tok to mi.. not lyk last tym.. haf to force them or balckmail them them.. =x jkjk.. hmm.. anyway.. overall did enjoy myself ba.. receive alot of angbao oso.. hehe.. dunno how much sia.. tml then open.. lolx.. tml morning gt liondance.. walao.. cant slp liao le loh.. so noisy de loh.. haf to wake up at 7 plus to 8 plus lyk tt coz need to prepare all the tghs ready for liondance oso.. lolx.. sian.. all my beautiful slp is gone.. SI BENG KIT... where is my westside story VCD la.. damn sian can.. at home bo tai bi ji de.. prepare to R.I.P liao le la.. wanna watch wad happen to those pple ok.. lalalala~~ hehe.. today came home at 10 plus 11 lyk tt.. so tired sia.. budden dunno y still can last unitl now worz.. afternoon slp slp slp... in e car oso slp.. lolx.. bobian.. slp is oso part of my hobby lai de.. lolx.. today oso took alot of photos sia.. but need to go develope ot norz.. dunno when will b ready sia.. cant wait to see it.. tml mayb dad gg to bring us to marine there wif grandma.. hehe.. can go and play liao le worz.. back to my young and fun memories again le.. lolx.. still tinkin if sat wanna go tt ah beng hse anot..(beng kit) but i wanna go out lez.. is god-papa bday lez.. dun wish to make him so sad by rejecting him log.. anyway oso vry long no see him le.. he confirm tio shock sia.. cannot regonise mi le.. buahaha.. really lez.. no joke man.. hehe.. haixXx.. chi oso sian sia.. not lyk last so many tghs to do de.. tis yr all i noe is slp slp slp nia.. kao eh.. tml gt 2 liondance some more.. father la.. one at home.. another one at ah ma hse.. some more same troupe as last yr.. haixXx.. can change anot ah.. tink oso need to wait till next yr liao le loh..sian 1/2 ah.. lolx.. hur hur.. gt to stop here for now or else i will not stop liao le.. remember to tleave a msg in my tag board yea.. *hugGies tO alL* hApPy chIneSE nEw yeAr tO u aLl..

Posted at 23.1.04 by beLipARadIse
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
chinese new year cumin.. weeeee~~

yoz.. haf not been back for many days liao le.. hmm.. nth happen much oso la.. days r still e same.. normal as b4.. yupx.. did not go sch today.. had a bad stomach ache.. went to toilet a few tyms.. sick man.. tt stall tt sell e rice lyk gt poison de sia.. lolx.. hmMm.. yeah.. finally buy finish all my clothes liao le.. so happy.. but all cost alot lyk a big bomb.. haixXx.. broke liao le.. oh ya.. tis new yr is totally different frm last yr man.. tis yr.. dad bought alot of new yr goodies.. weee~~.. yummy.. last yr was lyk.. *thinking*.. better dun say la.. hehe.. anyway.. so excited for tis cumin new yr.. oh ya.. jonathan daddie bday oso cumin liao le.. tinkin if to go out wif him anot loh.. haixXx.. go out oso so mafan de.. yeah.. will b gg for VS concert.. wif yolanda pearlyn charlene and dunno who liao le.. haixXx.. dunch even noe if there will still b section outing still anot.. plan so long ago liao le.. then confirm it will b lyk.. no one will turn out de loh.. so no pt tinkin too far for it.. anyway.. valentine's day is oso near le.. hehe.. cant wait sia.. wanted to go out oso de.. but.. lalalalala~~ i gt no valentine.. so tink mayb ask e section to go out.. coz tt day will b a saturday of i m not wrong.. lolx.. wah.. tis yr sure gt alot of activities for band man.. gt band camp.. hehe.. so fun.. gt concert.. gt flag day.. and erm.. erm.. PL musical.. woohoo~~ waiting for all tis activities man.. and oso not to neglect my studies la.. i promise to pass tis yr N lvl man.. i wont wanna fail though.. lolx.. kkz.. tink i stop here liao le.. cant tink of wad to blog anymore.. feel tt my life is getting more and more sian each day man.. better go slp le.. of not tml cannot wake up.. tata..

Posted at 20.1.04 by beLipARadIse
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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

hAha.. cOme tO uPdaTe mORe oFten nOwsAday.. cOz iS reAlly boRed aT hOme.. gT nTh tO do aT hOme.. gT lA.. bUt seE liAo osO sIan lEz.. hAix.. oH wELl.. hAVe yEt tO fiNIsh mY aRt rEseaRch.. lTr hAf tO dO liaO.. bUt sTiLl tInKin oF wAd tHemE tO dO oSo.. yUpx.. todAy weNt fOr iNdividUals.. prAc neRry wIdOw.. hmMm.. oveRall i stILl cAn pLAy aBit lA.. aLthouGh iT soUnd rAther awfUl thOugh.. yuPx..tMl thEre iS bAnd pRac aGAin.. heArD tHerE wIlL b aUditIon foR tHEm.. haHA.. yuPx.. noT reAlly sUre oSo lA.. hAix.. tOday dID nOt fIniSh mY eNg hOmewOrK.. OMG.. nOw tHen i rEmEMber tT i hAVen dO mY maThs.. hAiz.. sEc 4 lIfe arENt' eAst tHouGh.. hAHa.. i stIll kEep oN plaYin lOh.. hAix. rEallY stiLl dUn hAf E mOod tO stUdy sIa.. oH wEll.. i Juz hAf tO bUck uP moRe tHan.. yUpx..cELebrAte sIS bdAy todAy.. altHough hEr bDay iS oN 14th lA.. ceLebrATe eARly bEttEr.. hAVEn bUy mY neW yR cLoTHes mAn.. waNted tO gO toDay.. buT dAd gt sOme lASt mIn wRk tO ruSh.. sO Nv gO.. sLd hAf kNew tO gO hOUgang mALl wIf peArlYn lOh.. nVm la.. hAix.. wELl..CNy cUmin sOon liAo lE.. nOt suRe wAd tO dO oN tT paRticULar dAys of hoLidays tOo.. yUpx.. aLL i nOe iS tT gG grAndma hSe tO eAt.. thEN dO e sAme uSual sTuff aGain.. aNd oN e secOnd dAd iS gG tO iNVIte liOndAnce tROupe tO ouR hSe.. lOlx.. cAnt wAit tO nOe wAd tRouPe iS cUmin.. =X.. jkjk.. nO inTErest liAo lA.. aNd yA.. hUI sHan iS bAck iN scH liAo lE.. hAiz.. dUnno waD shE wiLl uP tO nOw alTHough sHe seEms 2 B a dIfF pErsOn.. yUPx.. haIX.. paSs tGhs i oSo duN wANna sAy mUch le lA.. aLl of cOz of hEr tT oNce cOz mI sO muCh trOuble.. wAdeVa.. i wiLl jUz lEt iT gO.. i dUn wIsh tT tHerE is anoTher uNhappY tGh gG oN agAIn.. i wAn tO stArt anEw.. dUn rEally wIsh tO tInk of e Past aGain..

Posted at 13.1.04 by beLipARadIse
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Saturday, January 10, 2004
cCA fAir.. bAnd mUsic..

muhahahaha.. tis morning had band performance for sec 1 orientation a.k.a CCA fair.. yupx.. came late for band today oso coz gt a sore eyes.. damn itchy and pain.. lolx.. but overall still can la.. can see still.. i not blind okie.. yup yup.. lolx.. anyway..enjoy ourselves alot man.. played as a mini band which consist of all e sec 4s and certain sec 3s.. yup.. lolx.. e band played quite well without sir ard.. okie.. wadever.. then aft tt went bishan to eat wif S.P.I.C.E and YOZ.. yup.. went long john.. hehe.. sat there for abt dunno how long was tokin craps and craps.. haha.. then were to noisy then lyk kana say by pple to keep quiet lyk tt.. hehe.. paiseh if we disturb la.. =X.. keke.. anyway.. yeah~~ we gt our SYF cds liao le.. so happy man.. now listening to it.. ya.. haha.. then remind mi of tt past again.. haiz.. sir is gone and everytgh has change.. oh well.. we still haf to go on anyway.. yup.. today another conductor wad here again to teach us.. but i was not there.. but heard alot of nagative pts anbt tt female conductor.. haha.. dunno...?? not my prob.. was not taught by her in e moring.. lolx.. then today at bishan.. was tokin abt band stuffs again.. tok abt new condutors.. tok abt sch tt wans desprately(forgif mi if my spelling is wrong) gold.. haiz.. our sch is one example loh.. tink liao oso sian.. oh well.. haf to tink abt band concert tis yr liao le.. no conductor.. now trying damn damn hard to look for one now.. urgent ah.. oops.. kkz.. then abt new recuit.. muhahaha.. not my prob.. pearlyn jiayou.. SPICE will always support u.. and charlene too.. wahahaha.. kkz.. came home at ard 8 plus.. heng father haven come home.. lolx.. CNY is cuming liao le.. woohoo~~ gt ang bao to collect liao.. hehe.. still haven buy my new my new year clothes yet man.. tink tml gg ba.. haiz.. tml hse will b under conctruction liao.. painter come my hse help mi paint wall.. lolx.. then all will b stinky liao le..lolx.. wadever la.. haiz.. tink i stop here liao le.. need to do hw and slp man.. damn tired.. yawnz~.. take care all.. cya..

Posted at 10.1.04 by beLipARadIse
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Friday, January 02, 2004
bad day in school..

back again to update tis blog of mine.. since xmas till now dunno wad to blog so did not come in for a long tym.. haiz.. so many tghs happen today la.. all is on tt hui shan and all de.. aiyo yo.. oso dunno wads she is up to la.. awhile tok to u awhile dun.. its tis juz using pple mahz..? walao eh.. not i wanna say or badmouth her loh.. is juz tt sumtyms cant stand her when she tok loh.. keep on saying e same old tghs de.. then tell others abt her case and all and go ard tokin rubbish.. argh..!!! forget it.. i not gg to gif a damn.. hui shan.. i dun noe if u really treat mi as a fren or wad la.. its up to u loh.. and pls la.. stop all e rubbish u r doin can...??? not only i wanna say u loh.. still gt other pple.. and u sld noe is who loh.. anyway.. today oso sux la.. go back sch nia.. kana scolded for wadeva de.. all oso scold.. toopid la.. haven to tie my hair on monday liao le.. if not kana cut.. haiz.. will look lyk ah ma sia.. wadeva la.. look lyk first la.. anyway is juz a few mths nia.. juz bare wif it loh.. wad to do..? haiz.. wadeva la.. all tis growing of long hair tgh.. say liao oso pek.. all e toopid past all come back.. all r rubbish rubbish.. hehe.. wah~~ noe wad? ytd juz help mi dad do some paper wrk on his accounts and so on.. omg.. he earn over ten thousand plus lez.. haha.. but wads so happy abt..?? he still need to pay off his depts and gif grand-dad, grand-ma and 4th auntie money.. haiz.. gg to CNY soon liao le.. need to buy new clothes liao le.. lolx..but still tinkin of wad to wear.. lolx.. yea.. it takes tym to tink man.. i wanna look gd and wear nice nice on tt day.. anyway.. gtg soon.. heex.. cya again.. muackz~~

Posted at 2.1.04 by beLipARadIse
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Friday, December 26, 2003
-=+merry xmas to all + new year in advance+=-

hey hey.. hi to all again.. sorry was not avle to blog ytd.. come home at ard 9 plus lyk tt scan pix.. took a bath and went back to slp liao le.. rather tired la.. hehe.. xmas 25/12 went orchard and walk ard.. went back to our childhood days.. go forum toy R rus and play lyk kids tt nv grow up.. hehe.. walk till vry long sia.. dunno where we heading to oso lez.. hmm.. then tot of riding the merry-go-round de.. but.. wad the.. it cost $6 loh.. so expensive can.. wan mi to die ah.. broke liao le la.. can die lez.. lolx.. jkjk.. anyway.. yea.. was a great xmas la.. took alot of neo prints oso.. but my toopid scanner juz cant enlarge it.. haiz.. need to do more research on tis new scanner la.. hehe.. gesh.. rather late liao le.. coz not in the mood to slp mahz.. tts y come in now and update.. okie.. gd nitez all..

Posted at 26.12.03 by beLipARadIse
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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
new updates...

backie here liao le.. muahahha.. wanted to update ytd de.. but too tired liao le.. hmm.. had section bbq ytd wif VS.. super fun worx.. hmm.. gt gd tghs and bad tghs tt happen la.. in pearlyn blog can noe liao le.. dun feel lyk saying it out sia.. say liao will make mi oso abit sad la.. hehe.. hmm.. well.. had much fun and lotsa of eating.. tink i gg to grow fat soon.. =X even my section oso tink i eat too much liao le.. lolx.. kkz.. anyway.. ytd went wif ally to somewhere near the rocks there la.. haha.. so windy can.. then oso tok alot of tghs ba.. but mostly is sit there and feel the breeze.. woohoo~~ remind mi of the band piece sea breeze.. lolx.. kkz.. yup anyway.. hey.. i update pictures in liao le.. go take a look at it.. new photos will b update soon ba.. now my scanner gt abit siao siao sia.. dunno wad happen to it oso.. ltr i will go slam it hard sia.. =X .. jkjk.. hmm.. tink tts abt it liao le ba.. tc all.. muackz~~

Posted at 23.12.03 by beLipARadIse
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